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Unquenchable Thirst

Where am I going? What am I accomplishing? What shall I buy? An unquenchable thirst perpetuates the thirst of man. When is enough enough?

A domino falls, and the trickle effect begins. No man left to stand.
If only we had known how sweet the nectar is when a flower opens its bud to share sustenance… If only we stopped long enough to embrace a lesson of simplicity as we gazed to mountaintops, persevering through the tests of time… Then maybe we’d not blindly topple that domino. But hindsight is 20/20, and hindsight cannot save us.
Consciousness of the human race advances us. We cure illnesses, we construct buildings, and we create jobs. And yet from that very attribute, self awareness is born. And it is self awareness which breeds self grasping, pride, and an unquenchable thirst.
Thirst prevails, and silences a cry within us to seek vision beyond ourselves.
The cry is faint, but exists. There were perhaps times when life presented opportunities for realizing our full awareness potential. They were probably simpler times.
A mother lectures her child about the importance of sharing toys with other children. At the dinner table, a father lectures his young about the fortune of having too much on the plate, and the shame of wasting while others hunger for morsel. Regardless the extent of wealth, most humanoids can recall a longing for something that seemed to dangle just out of reach. Perhaps a long, rigorous work day prevented one from breaking to eat lunch, causing them to endure that awful hunger pain, and being overcome with ravenous urge to dine as soon as possible.
Realization of our full awareness potential is so close during times of longing. Yet, it evaporates at approximately the exact same time. At the moment our unquenched thirst meets quench, a revelation, on furtive approach, dissipates just short the point of remembrance. Upon gratification, the pains of unquenched thirst are lost in time.
The lessons of longing cannot succeed in leaving an imprint in our minds. These feelings lose opportunity to translate to empathy, and the reality of connectedness of the human race.
It is thirst that brings us closer to understanding the truth of our connectedness. And it is the instant quench which breeds selfishness, and oblivion to the needs of others.
Thus, instant quench for one man can mean perpetual thirst for another.
And the revelation-the awareness of interdependence is lost…
And so the domino falls. Every man for himself; thriving by thirst. The cry is muffled. Humanoids unaware of a vision beyond themselves. No man is left to stand. Hindsight is 20/20, but hindsight cannot save us.  But the solution is within us all…

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