Heart Ripples

Rejoice In the Freedom of Worldly Uninfluence

Some time ago, while reading and meditating on teachings which guide my future endeavors, I wrote myself the following note:

When worldly influence creeps upon me, I must be reminded of the simplicity and truths in life. Maintaining inner peace is key if I hope to spread peace and compassion myself. These teachings are so vital to the health of my spirit. Perhaps by sharing I will be further challenged to toss aside all that matters not, and embrace what does. In a fabricated world that so boldly entices the mind to become lost within it, urges all to learn manipulated truths, to desire things they’ve not realized cannot truly exist…where the “American Dream” outweighs the bigger picture…it’s necessary to shut it out…and ponder this…

There is no spoon. There is hunger. There is food. There is satisfaction, existing, without the spoon. Proof of the nonexistence of objects, but only relationships can be witnessed in even a hockey game. There is no puck. There is determination, there is action. What is remembered is not the puck, but the journey, the effort, the lessons learned, the growth and development of mind and body, (and, if you choose to embrace or dwell upon it, the feeling of victory, which over time will mean less than all of the former). There is no puck.

What is so perplexing about the nonreality of objects, is that objects are often the apple of the eyes, in the eyes of a man. The high end, “sassy” car one boasts about getting, then attains…and then what? Once the car is acquired, then what? What value has the car brought to man’s life? Has he learned something worth sharing with others, worth practicing daily? Has he achieved peace or spread compassion from this purchase? If the car were totalled tomorrow, what LASTING impression would the car leave with this man? There is no car.

Worldly uninfluence is tough to achieve. It is tough for me. It is tough for you. But if you dare try to understand, I share this with you: as we struggle toward more uninfluence, we become truer versions of ourselves, and we gradually earn richer and richer experiences as we progress through our current forms of existence.

“Interdependence is a fundamental law of nature. Even tiny insects survive by mutual cooperation based on innate recognition of their interconnectedness. It is because our own human existence is so dependent on the help of others that our need for love lies at the very foundation of our existence. Therefore we need a genuine sense of responsibility and a sincere concern for the welfare of others.”

“If we have a positive mental attitude, then even when surrounded by hostility, we shall not lack inner peace. On the other hand, if our mental attitude is more negative, influenced by fear, suspicion, helplessness, or self-loathing, then even when surrounded by our best friends, in a nice atmosphere and comfortable surroundings, we shall not be happy.”

-Quotations by 14th Dalai Lama


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