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Coincidence or Not?

On January 24, 2013 this happened:

Wouldn’t believe me if I told you. On the train reading, I look away from my book to ponder. As my eyes shift from the pages, to the window, back to my book, I notice the folks in front of me also studying some literature. Curious, I read the print on their pages. Questions about destiny, free will, ignorance are outlined. Is it a mere coincidence that the words on my pages seek to answer the questions on theirs? I spark up conversation, but must leave the train before I finish providing my contact info  “Perhaps coincidence will have us meet again” I say with a smile. “I like that!” he said.


Bliss at Bookman’s Corner

Recorded January 17, 2013

During my recent visit to Bookman’s Corner, I asked for a bag for my purchases. The first bag Bookman attempted was too small, so he searches for another in his messy stack of books & things. He pulls out this little canvass bag, bright red, with the word “BLISS” on it. I am thrilled about this find, “Perfect!”
Even more perfect is that while reading these books during my public commutes, I begin to notice a pattern. Every time I approach a CTA transfer point, I must find an end point on the page I’m reading. Every time, each day, for two weeks, the last word I happen to read is “Bliss.” Various books, selecting pages at random… Today I discovered why:
“Bliss is the most important quality of the unified field. Bliss is where we come from; it is the nature of existence itself. In this state of bliss is the expression of pure love…” Deepak Chopra
Decidedly so, the universe has ensured the metabolism of this message within me, in its cute little universe way. Neat-O!!!

This Gap Between

January 8, 2013

In this gap between life old and life new, I implode,


As surrender to the here and now overflows my cup with knowledge and vision, Magic resides within me,


Pours from me, as realization meets life, And spills colors; shoots sparks across the cosmos.


Anticipation and Mystery may well be the sweetest nectars of them all.

Now, at ease, I savor; I stop time to capture this gap between life old and life new.

In just a matter of days, it will be decided to where I travel to discover and explore these Things I Think We Should Ponder.

To my friends, near and dear, and to even those special strangers I’ve met and have yet to meet, I share a quote from the poet, Rumi:

“Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

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