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Orchestral Coincidence

March 6, 2013

Once a week, at Harold Washington Library in downtownChicago, I toss a coin in a fountain and make a wish. Last week, I wished to remain open and receptive to the ways in which the Universe is perfectly orchestrating details of my life…

This morning, just days after I’ve received an Invitation to begin a new adventure in a foreign world, my beloved new friend from Kyrgyzstan greets me with this message:
“How good is it to migrate every day? How beautiful it is to stop somewhere every day!
How nice it is to flow without freezing and getting muddy,
What word belongs to yesterday is gone, my loved one, with yesterday.
Now is the time to say new things.”
My friend explains that this is an excerpt from Fountain Magazine, a Turkish magazine “of scientific and spiritual thought.”
“Perfect!” I tell him, “As are my thoughts, all day, every day.”
“I feel that, Dear Amanda” He says.
Perhaps all this really is an “Adagio written long ago, in the Symposium’s score” (Eugenio Montejo, The Earth Turned to Bring Us Closer). After all, the word “Universe” literally means, “one song.”
Ba-da Bing, Ba-Da Boom!

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