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April 18, 2013

Irresistable! A most encouraging prelude to the flood in my home…yesterday on the train ride home, I look around people watching and pondering what sort of commonality there could be with all the folks in the train car. Just as I think this, the woman in front of me asks her traveling companion if she’s heard of “6 degrees of separation.” I enter the conversation, sharing that her question was precisely the thought on my mind at that moment. I tell her of a recent coincidence including the author, Richard Bach. She begins to name his books and we laugh together. I then learn she is a Tai chi instructor. Impeccable timing, as I stated my interest in Tai Chi four days ago to a friend. Tai chi is about not resisting any force in life, but flowing with it! Tai ji or tai chi is defined as a Chinese cosmological term for “supreme ultimate state of absolute truth and pure potentiality.” Yin and yang is life and its much sweeter when No moment is resisted, including these 8 inches of water that has damaged so much STUFF and all work that lies ahead to restore it. Chaos is necessary for evolution, and my have I learned a lot this morning! Have a wonderful rainy day, dear ones. Whatever it is pressing your mind, flow with it. Embrace the creative opportunity for growth and be grateful for the moment you have Now. Let it shape you, and smile! For Now is your only true reality, keep it grand, any way you can!

Chicago Flood April 18, 2013


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