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Fire on the Mountain

August 25, 2013

Last October, I had a dream. In the dream, I was cruising around Africa as a meteor, falling from the sky, followed me close behind. At this time, I had not an inkling that I would be offered an opportunity to work in Africa.

Last night, while telling my mother, “I am exactly where I’m meant to be,” a meteor shot across the sky, hovering close overhead, and fell just behind my place on the Earth.

One year ago, for fun, I consulted the Yi Ching. “Power of the Divine, is Peace Corps part of my life path?” I asked.  The answer was “Fire on the Mountain.” A profound “yes.”

Tonight, while standing under the stars in my backyard, I told my father, “I’m exactly where I’m meant to be.” As I complete my statement, I notice a glow in the distance, coming from the mountain tops. I stop and watch…Behold, the glow IS Fire on the Mountain.

This is my real life. Signs. Everywhere. Signs


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