Heart Ripples

All is so Surreal When you begin to See

September 2010

All is so surreal when you begin to see,
Flickering and Fluttering, life beside and within me,
Suspended in time, I am weightless, I am free,
All that has been sung couldn’t capture the beauty that would be.

Outreached hand, my fingers dancing in the wind,
I brace myself, as my head lay back, and take it all in,
Breathe and feel my lungs excite, as breath begins,
Chuckle to myself, as gratitude overwhelms me again.

Ah, I am so Happy.

I am part me, made up of parts for you to see,
You are part you, made up of parts to believe,
The buzz of that bug’s wings made the show, as I perceive,
The string’s vibration switched the hitch and let this all be.

Pink, blue, and orange created love here,
I captured a rainbow within and saw the reflection in the mirror,
Opened up my open soul, relinquished all the fear,
Experienced the truth of love, and had to spread it far while keeping it near.



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