Heart Ripples

The Healing: Part 1- South Africa Month 3

October 9, 2013 Dzanani, Limpopo – South Africa

I am spinning, spinning, spinning around,
The world becomes smaller as visions grow bigger,
I am stretched beyond borders and crevices once reserved for hiding,
Opened up, so the world may have all that pours out.

I am pouring, pouring, pouring out,
Weighing lighter as the weight grows heavy,
I am emptied to the bottom, scraping scraps embedded and engrained,
Nothingness within, to flow in all that this is without.

I am flowing, flowing, flowing along,
Dwell with grace and ease in spaces of disgrace and despair,
I am dipped and dived and upside down, soaring even plains,
Winds blow this way and that; fly wings in perfect balance.

I am flying, flying, flying here and now,
Different weather upon the feathers that make us the same somehow,
Same day, new day, translating old Truth in a new way,
Struggling to heal; a healing that is the struggle.


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