Heart Ripples

The Bohemian and the Bees



The bohemian and the Bees,
She flows with the ebbs and ebbs with the flows,
But she knows where she’s been as she knows where she goes,
Idle they’re not,
For there’s no idle stop,
For bees and the crop,
In an inborn secret of life onto life,
Unbeknownst to the bees,
As the bohemian frees,
And purpose meets art,
Earth, nectar, pollen, and crop,
Aren’t we so grand? We’re all at the top,
Blind as the bees to our purposeful degrees,
Marveling the mastery of oblivious duty,
The bohemian sparks, “What sparks there may be?!”
…If we could see from without as we descry the bees…


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One thought on “The Bohemian and the Bees

  1. Beautiful… and profound. But truly a beautiful poem!

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