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The Alchemy of Potential: Month 12 Peace Corps Update

Wow! Just six months ago, Takalani Empowerment was made up of only the founder (Peace Corps Volunteer, Amanda Blain) and 50 youths. Now, we have grown to include 5 subprograms, and added 6 official adult facilitators from the Venda tribe.

Some of these facilitators will undergo Takalani Empowerment Project’s interview and training process to prepare them for sustainability leadership as we establish community based organizations throughout the region. The goal is to have fully functioning organizations to continue the Takipow mission beyond Amanda’s Peace Corps assignment.

In 2015, Amanda will depart South Africa temporarily. During that time she will continue her education in international affairs in New York City, while routinely visiting South Africa to support the organizations as they grow from infancy to operating independently.

This Saturday, the project is celebrating its rapid growth at a Takalani Empowerment Youth Celebration. Stay tuned for pictures and videos!

We have already initiated a food security and literacy project, which we intend to develop into community based organizations.

To learn about the project, and follow the journey, visit like our page on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/takalaniempowerment?fref=photo

For information, questions, or to advise on resources, or to interview for a facilitator or leadership position, you may email Takalani Empowerment Project at takipow@gmail.com.

Please share this status, especially if you are in South Africa; help us grow!

Peace, Love, Growth, and Abundance!



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One thought on “The Alchemy of Potential: Month 12 Peace Corps Update

  1. You have made a wonderful contribution to the upliftment of communities within my country with the establishment of Takipow; and in your commitment to ensuring the sustainabilty and growth of the initiative! I encourage anyone who reads this to visit the facebook page and lend support wherever possible.

    The Takalani Empowerment initiative is a great example of how much of a difference one person can make through dedication and perseverence. The rapid growth of its subprograms and leadership participation is further indicative of the desire those within the communities have to help, if only afforded the opportunity.

    You are an inspiration in your writing, but also in your actions, Amanda Blain! Thank you!

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