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Creatures of Habit

Art by www.artbyjet.com.

Art by http://www.artbyjet.com, the talented artist who exchanges art for good deeds.

“Habit: a shackle for the free”

-Ambrose Bierce 

Habits can be our restlessness in work, love, and in life. Yes, we people can be habitually indifferent, habitually unsatisfied, and habitually bored.

Habits can be the music we listen to, or even the resentments we hold towards others. For some, the habit is drinking coffee. For others, it is an irritated response to traffic (road rage) each weekday. Others habitually derive information and news from the same source each day.

Healthy habits are also still habits- like taking the same route on the morning run each day. Unhealthy habits may include being overly self-critical, or drinking alcohol every weekend. Others have habitual eating patterns. Whatever it may be, we’ve all got a habit or two.

Most of us live habitually whether by conscious decision, or by deep and unvoiced feeling. The delusion is that these habits are needful, and that our routines are symbolic of stability. Maybe that’s true. Maybe it’s not. Just to be sure we’re not being slaves to our own minds- is it not worth taking a closer look at our own habits?

An old habit is probably just a veil to something really significant. Abstaining from the habit allows the veil to lift so we can see the really significant hidden stuff in our minds, and decide if we want to do something about it.

Before the habit becomes a physical action, there are numerous psychological and neurological activities taking place- lots of brain activity happening that you cannot see with your eyes. By removing the habit (even temporarily), one can see the formerly unseen.

For instance, one may ask himself, “why do I drink on the weekends?” By choosing not to do this for a couple of weekends, one may find that they’ve been choosing to drink on the weekends “to unwind and alleviate stress and tension.” However, when the weekend is over, and the habitual pattern has been acted out, the stress and tension still remain. Now, we’ve got a vicious cycle of stress and intoxication taking place. A closer look will reveal that the drinking does nothing to permanently alleviate or eliminate the stress, and has become a habitual routine, stagnating self growth and learning.

With the goal of being free from mental patterns, I decided to take a look at my own habits from a scientific perspective. Neuroscience tells us that we have the ability to create new patterns in the brain by simply thinking new thoughts or abstaining from old habits. Yes, it’s true. You can rewire your brain!

By abstaining from the habit, you create new neural pathways in the brain! This new brain activity could empower you to eliminate the cause of the habit! This evolution allows brand new life to be lived! It can even generate new courage to make some big decisions regarding your happiness.

Behind the habit – that’s where real growth and transformation are waiting for you.

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From The Amanda Awethu Project, with LOVE!

(Art by Jet at www.artbyjet.com. The talented artist who creates in exchange for good deeds. The Amanda Awethu Project will be filming an interview and so much more with Jet next week).


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