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The Bohemian and the Bees



The bohemian and the Bees,
She flows with the ebbs and ebbs with the flows,
But she knows where she’s been as she knows where she goes,
Idle they’re not,
For there’s no idle stop,
For bees and the crop,
In an inborn secret of life onto life,
Unbeknownst to the bees,
As the bohemian frees,
And purpose meets art,
Earth, nectar, pollen, and crop,
Aren’t we so grand? We’re all at the top,
Blind as the bees to our purposeful degrees,
Marveling the mastery of oblivious duty,
The bohemian sparks, “What sparks there may be?!”
…If we could see from without as we descry the bees…


Africa. I am Free.

Africa. You pulled me.

For my edges once curled- pieces of wholeness hid within.

The familiar, the comfort, the predictable, once the prison of my soul,

How could there be empathy locked within a prism of the known?

Africa. You pulled me. Now it is We.


Africa. You stretched me.

For my mind once reaching- lessons once and twice learned,

I’d been there, I’d done that, Oh! A mind needs more,

How could there be vision along roads traveled before?

As if you knew you’d teach me, you stretched me.

Africa. You stretched me. Now I see.


Africa. You blessed me.

For my passions once yearning- space, time, and harmony,

The distractions, the illusions, the material mundane,

How could there be liberty trapped within delusions of safe?

As if you believed in me, you blessed me.

Africa. You blessed me. Now I am Free!





Journalings: An evening with Zen and the Art of Africa

"Beyond thought-that’s where purpose meets art and and exudes effortlessly to the parts of the world that have eyes and ears for it."

“Beyond thought-that’s where purpose meets art and and exudes effortlessly to the parts of the world that have eyes and ears for it.”

…Outside to the mountain breeze and the incredible full(ish) moon in the vast, vivid, mountain sky, speckled with clouds of every size and shape. My spirit delights as the clouds roll by the luminous light. Between the clouds is pure, clear night sky with stars of which I can see every twinkle and flicker as their energy dances along with the Universe. There’s a soundtrack too!

Insects make their sounds in harmony, a symphony of perfection conducted by the Universe itself.

And I…I am in the center of the Universe.

Oh! I gasp a deep breath as the moon disappears behind a cloud, its light still glowing behind it, creating shapes for one’s imagination to tickle and toy with.

And then I tickle as something hops, hops, hops, and hops near me.

A large toad has joined me, to stir in the cool night air of the Venda mountains; I marveling the moon, now back in full view, and the hoppy creature off to feast for the night.

How strange that in one breath, I’m in full gratitude of nature’s symphony, and in another breath, I’m fancying the ways of this toad, off to lick up and gulp down the very creatures creating the night’s song. Ah, but that’s just it. Song and Dance. They feed each other.

This is Life. And it is Bliss.

The insects know not of the joy their Be-Ing brings me. It’s not even a thought. To pollinate, to procreate, for a moment in an unknown Score. And what a lesson therein lies.

Beyond thought-that’s where purpose meets art and and exudes effortlessly to the parts of the world that have eyes and ears for it.

Thank you for giving me the stars, and the moon, and the bugs, and I…

…I in the center of the Universe. And the Universe in the center of me!

Oh, and then a long Breath, and in go smells that trickle sensations… through my sensories which my senses had not yet sensed, on this night of Oneness.

It’s tough to leave it to go inside for bed. But I am grateful, for I know, the sun rises and falls again tomorrow. What a gift! And I…

…I in the center of the Universe, and the Universe in the center of me.

Off to bed We go.

A Love Story

Eyes awaken, and I’ve fallen in love all over again,

Each new day there’s that fresh face to gaze into,

Smiling back at me, whispering, “Let’s Dance,”

Even subtle changes of your shifts and movements steal attention from my mind’s noise,

In that stillness, you reveal to me, as if for the first time I’ve seen you…your ways. Your song, your dance…

I overflow. This is true love. Life! It is you!
Obliged, I join you,

Dancing, you always in the lead,

What art…fresh, unique, creating endlessly by moment, by moment,

You open new worlds to me and take me to places I’ve never been,

When patience runs thin, you grasp my hand and whisper, “something new verging discovery…Wait for it…”

And I come away, changed and new,

Over and over and over and over you take me like the first time.

I overflow. This is true love. Life! It is you!

Again I fall, again and again I fall.

In love. In life.

Now is the Time

November 5, 2013

Dzanani, Limpopo – South Africa

Bursting at the seams,
My Spirit reels within,
In the Stillness all the moves are made,
Time Arrived,
Visions Alive,
This is the Perfection from which Miracles Rise,
One Moment. One at a time.
Movements across Nations gaining momentum,
Off and Into Flight,
Wrongs only to call upon the talents of minds rightly aligned,
Now is the Time. Now is the Time!
The Universe is Calling.
Now is the Time!

Grateful Dead

I can feel it fall away,

The old, the dead,

Pieces of me are not pieces of me are no longer pieces of me,

Truth leads and the skin is shed,

Suddenly it is different paintings inside of my head.

The Healing: Part 1- South Africa Month 3

October 9, 2013 Dzanani, Limpopo – South Africa

I am spinning, spinning, spinning around,
The world becomes smaller as visions grow bigger,
I am stretched beyond borders and crevices once reserved for hiding,
Opened up, so the world may have all that pours out.

I am pouring, pouring, pouring out,
Weighing lighter as the weight grows heavy,
I am emptied to the bottom, scraping scraps embedded and engrained,
Nothingness within, to flow in all that this is without.

I am flowing, flowing, flowing along,
Dwell with grace and ease in spaces of disgrace and despair,
I am dipped and dived and upside down, soaring even plains,
Winds blow this way and that; fly wings in perfect balance.

I am flying, flying, flying here and now,
Different weather upon the feathers that make us the same somehow,
Same day, new day, translating old Truth in a new way,
Struggling to heal; a healing that is the struggle.

All is so Surreal When you begin to See

September 2010

All is so surreal when you begin to see,
Flickering and Fluttering, life beside and within me,
Suspended in time, I am weightless, I am free,
All that has been sung couldn’t capture the beauty that would be.

Outreached hand, my fingers dancing in the wind,
I brace myself, as my head lay back, and take it all in,
Breathe and feel my lungs excite, as breath begins,
Chuckle to myself, as gratitude overwhelms me again.

Ah, I am so Happy.

I am part me, made up of parts for you to see,
You are part you, made up of parts to believe,
The buzz of that bug’s wings made the show, as I perceive,
The string’s vibration switched the hitch and let this all be.

Pink, blue, and orange created love here,
I captured a rainbow within and saw the reflection in the mirror,
Opened up my open soul, relinquished all the fear,
Experienced the truth of love, and had to spread it far while keeping it near.



Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Wonder stirring you out of the night’s tranquility,
Eyes awaken, ahead of routine’s sand,
Nothing weary about your Essence, despite the hour,
Papyrus obliged, a role in the ebb and flow,
Designs Unbounded,
Do you feel that? The Earth is fresh…

This Gap Between

January 8, 2013

In this gap between life old and life new, I implode,


As surrender to the here and now overflows my cup with knowledge and vision, Magic resides within me,


Pours from me, as realization meets life, And spills colors; shoots sparks across the cosmos.


Anticipation and Mystery may well be the sweetest nectars of them all.

Now, at ease, I savor; I stop time to capture this gap between life old and life new.

In just a matter of days, it will be decided to where I travel to discover and explore these Things I Think We Should Ponder.

To my friends, near and dear, and to even those special strangers I’ve met and have yet to meet, I share a quote from the poet, Rumi:

“Out beyond ideas of right-doing and wrong-doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there.”

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